Vajali Mindenes „Black Power” litter is here!

3 males & 3 females. More information in Breeding

Pápa 2*CAC
Judges: Marian Dragonescu (RO), Dr. Tesics György

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv 2*CAC, with this she is Hungaria Champion !

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune working class CAC, Best of Opposite Sex!

Work and Show – Halászi
Judges: Margaret Gawthorpe (UK) - show, Heli Siitari (FIN), Danny Fraser (DK) - Working test

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv in working class Excellent 3 out of 9 bitches

On Sunday at the Working test she gained 10th place out of 24 dogs (16 dogs qualified)

Together with these results Liv got 3rd place from 34 dogs!

As a breeder I'm really satisfied, that the 3 purpose of the labradors ( health, working & show) are here in our dogs.

MRLE WT Szentgotthárd
Judges: David Brown (UK), Frank Hermansen (NO).

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv in class L 5th place on Saturday, 2nd place in class M on Sunday!

Winter Dog Show - Budapest
Judge: Dick Rutten (NL)

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune Working class Excellent 1., CAC, R.CACIB
Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv Working class Excellent 1., CAC

Vajali-Mindenes Classic Black Flash is still available!
He is microchipped, fully vaccinated, and started to learn to be a true labrador. He is used to travel with car, friendly with other dogs and people. And enjoys his puppy-work witk dummies.


The pups are here!

3 females & 4 males were born on 27th July from A Sense of Pleasure’s No Risk No Fun & Vajali-Mindenes "Viking" Liv.
Mom and the pups are doing great.

MLRE WT - Kesztölc

Judges: Gordon Hodgson (UK), Wolfgang Harrer (A).

Vajali-Mindenes "Vikin" Liv with Saca was on the 13th place out of 23 dogs in class L. Vajali-Mindenes "Viking" Rune" with me won 5th place and cherry on the cake, he was the Judge's choice!!!

MLRE Specility Show - Tata

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune - res. CAC from Working class,
Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv - res. CAC from Working class,
Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv& Adéllal Junior Handling 1st place!

Working Test - Sopron

We participated with 2 dogs at the first working test of the season. There were 31 dogs in class "L", only 9 qualified.
Liv was one of them, she won 7th place. Unfortunately Rune was disorganised because of the girls season, I called him back at the 3rd test. Thank you so much for the work of the judges and organisers!

FeHoVa WinterDogShow CACIB

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv -working class- Exc I. CAC.
Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune - working class- Exc III.


Vajali Mindenes Aisha from the Hooligans –who lives in Sweden - works as a true allrounder hunting dog. Congratulation!

Christmas gift from the Laboklin:
Vajali Mindenes Viking Rune - Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) free, prcd-PRA clear, Dwarfism (Skeletal Dysplasia 2) free
Vajali Mindenes Viking Liv - Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) free, prcd-PRA clear, Dwarfism (Skeletal Dysplasia 2) free!

Cold Game & Field Trial training - Vajal Vadásztársaság, Mór

Holiday training with pumpkins. A Halloween at us.

„The breeder's choices” 2013/2015. Vajali Mindenes Viking Rune & Liv

Working Test - Debrecen
Judges: Petra Loidl (A), Király Olivér (H)

Vajali Mindenes Viking Rune L class: place (60/80 points)
M class: n.c.

Training on the field with Rune, Liv & Avril

Gift from Sveden:)

Roebucks & dogs

Herenc CAC

Adél won with Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune in the competition of Junior handlers 1st place!

Official Eye Tests

Today we made the annual eye tests to the Vikings: Rune & Liv. Both of them are clear!

With this they fulfilled the conditions to breeding at MLRE.

The Hooligans are 8 weeks old!

More on the Hooligans page. All of the found their new familys.

MLRE Specility Show
Judge: Sergio Scarpellini (I)

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv and Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune
both got Excellent 4th in working class as the youngest participants!
Adél & Rune - won the 2nd price in Junior handling!

Phot shooting at Catherin's Cottages

The Hooligans are here!

On the 20-21st May Boszi gave birth to 8 puppies: 4 hooliboys and 4 hooligirls. All of them are black. The mom and the pups are doing great!
More photos under Breeding

GRK Friendly Working Test

Saca with Liv (L class) & Darányiné Barna Ilona with Bella (E class), and Beszterczeyné Skultéti Mária with Dandy (E) & Rune (L) with me competed in a group from the entered 24 pairs. Saca and Ilona won 8th place, and we were placed on the 11th. Thanks for the great organised event!

Babatpuszta-Gödöllő - Working Exam, Conformation Test

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv and Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune successfully passed the Working Exam and Conformation Test today! Both of them gain 86 points from 100 at the working part. I'm really proud of them.
Thanks for the trainers who helped us during our trainings!


Blood tracking competition- Lovasberény

We made entry to the 2015 blood tracking competition in Lovasberény with Boszi and Cserfes. It's really unique to do this work with labradors, but they made it really good! The track was made 20hours before the competition with almost no blood in a really windy weather. Boszi has routine in it, but she was tired in the end. Boszi finished with 58/64 points in second prise with 2nd place!

Thanks for the hard work of the organizers and judges, and congratulation to the other owners&dogs to the great work!

Super news from MKOE

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Rune
HD-A, ED-0/0, OCD-0

Vajali Mindenes "Viking" Liv
HD-B, ED-0/0, OCD-0


Field Trial training on our hunting field with Olivér Király!


MRLE Club Show
Judge: Mrs. Marlene Hepper (Mardas Kennel) GB

Vajali-Mindenes Boszi got in working class Exc 2 with Res.CAC

Our Vikings got Excellent

Adél Best Junior handler!

Soponya Working Test

Liv started her season, so she can't attend. Rune did a mixed achievement, but we learned a lot!


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