Welcome to the website of Vajali Mindenes Kennel!

Motto: „Well bred, and well trained!”

I think it would be hard to find a better conclusion than this English saying above, to explain the needs of a Labrador retriever. I try to meet this goal to the best of my knowledge because of ourselves and our dogs: to have the best quality in the circumstances of keeping, feeding, training and working. My priority of the breeding is, that the puppies will have the caracter, that I'm searching for. These are the followings: to love to work, willing to please, family-centered and meet the criteria of the breed's appearance and health expectations.

Hope all of the future generation from my kennel will live life to the full in any kind of area and they pleasure their owners which I experience every day.

I wish our website to prove our „doggy” perception and delight our visitors.

Kind regards,
Zoltán Groszeibl