Working with labs

Regardless of the breed, to be capable for work, the dog has to have stable nerves, appropriate health, ability of cooperation and intelligence. These basic skills make working dogs plastic and give the chance of cope in areas which differ from their original tasks. We should not forget about that Labrador became popular because of their hunting skills. In my point of view a breed is a working dog breed until the dogs are able to meet the original tasks. This is why I pay a great attention on my dogs to prove in this area continuously.


Beside the well-known tasks of the breed, like hunting for pheasant or teal etc., their daily routine includes taking part in big hunting. There aren't huntings at dawn or in the evening where I go without my dogs.

In addition to general tasks, I regularly use my dogs for blood tracking.


Our dogs and we also find joy in dummy trainings. We train with them regularly, usually one by one, but not rare in groups and we participate in doggy friendly gatherings.


I percept competitions as trainings, the contests of dog and owner, where the moral is really special.

Further pictures connected to work can be found in the gallery.