History of the "Vajali Mindenes" Kennel

My life with dogs has started in my childhood. I do not remember any period in my life I had been living without dogs. At my parents we always had more than one dog and usually we lived with different breeds.
As I grew up I wished I had an own dog I can train on my own and use successfully. My father drew my attention to the Labradors. At the time of my childhood Labradors was known only from literature. My decision to try this breed was actually based on books.

In 1991 I bought my first black Labrador, Álmos. My choice proved to be a hit. It was not difficult for the family to like Álmos thanks to his nice, “Labrador-like” personality. Furthermore, he assured quickly his usefulness in work. This breed was basically unknown among hungarian hunters, many of them considered the black dog strange by my side. This status did not take long, because Álmos could excellently search for the small game and came back with them from any kind of area. It was also appreciated that the dog could look for big game with a great confidence.

As a student I had plenty of time and I spent it with Álmos. We were really close to each other and besides hunting I taught him hundreds of things as guarding or looking for lost things. Unfortunately we could be together only 5 years long because of an illness which is not common among dogs. This short period was enough yet to commit by the breed through Álmos.

Álmos was followed by his grandson Nádor. Nádor was part of my everyday life for 15 years. I work as a professional hunter so he was with me every morning and evening, often whole day long. When I was starting my family, Nádor moved with me. I can say without doubt he took part in bring up my children.

My male dogs had litters regularly, but the foundation of the kennel happened only with the arrival of the first female. She was Gyűszű, representative of my other favourite breed, the wire-haired dachshund. When the first litter of Gyűszű arrived, I tried to find a kennel name which connects the different profiles of the two breeds, and conveys the versatility of Labrador retriever. This is the way I found the name:
“Vajali Mindenes” kennel. (All-rounder kennel of Vajal)